The Kenmore 6907 compact microwave oven has a number of helpful features and a few that are a bit unusual. However, just because there are some unfamiliar buttons on the control panel does not mean that someone won't find them helpful.

This compact microwave has all of the standard preset programs for cooking such things as popcorn, pizza and potatoes, as well as some that are out of the ordinary. The full list includes: beverage, potato, popcorn, pizza, food plate, frozen entrée, fresh vegetable, baked goods and casserole.

You typically don't see the baked goods and casserole presets on compact microwave ovens. The manual doesn't give a clear reason to use the baked goods preset. The quick touch-cooking table inside the owner's manual gives cooking directions for 1–4 items, which are heated on a paper towel. Presumably, this is to heat such things as muffins or rolls since no one would put liquid batter on a paper towel to do any baking. The casserole function is equally mysterious. The manual gives directions for cooking four cups of food with the casserole function, which would indicate a task like reheating leftovers.

Heating muffins and leftovers certainly are valid uses for microwave ovens, but it would help if the manual was clear about these buttons, which no doubt could be used for a number of other foods.

Most of the presets have at least three options for serving sizes. Some of the servings are a bit ambiguous. The food plate just says "servings," and we don't know whether that is for how many different food items are on the plate or if it is reheating one plate with enough food for multiple people. As with all microwave ovens, it will take some trial and error to figure out exactly how it works.

There is also a multi-stage option that can include up to three stages at varying power levels and times. This countertop microwave has a child lock to protect youngsters from trying to "cook" and getting burned from spilled ingredients as well as accidentally running the microwave while it's empty, which can damage it.

Using this compact microwave is easy. There are no odd requirements to get the power and time set properly. There is also an Add Time button if you need to cook something for a little longer. A nice feature is that the weight for the auto-defrost setting is calculated in pounds instead of ounces. This means that you enter 2.5 pounds instead of 40 ounces. This compact microwave allows you to select a type of meat when using the auto defrost setting, and there is even an express defrost that is set specifically for one pound of frozen ground beef.

This compact microwave's control panel is divided into two sections. The top section contains all of the presets, and the bottom section contains the defrost button, numeral keypad, timer and other buttons. This microwave is available in two colors: black and white.

The online help and support for this compact microwave is limited to a phone number and an online email help form. There aren't any FAQs available for any of the products on the manufacturer's website. The manual can be downloaded, but it is located on another site completely. There is a troubleshooting section in the manual, but it contains only basic information that applies generally to all microwaves. The manual also includes a section on cooking tips, specifically tips for cooking meat.

Kenmore 6907 Summary:

The Kenmore 6907 is a good product that has all the basic microwave features. It might very well be the product you need for your apartment or dorm room for heating up those quick meals or tasty snacks.


Kenmore 6907

This microwave is a handy little appliance with all the usual features.

There are no FAQs available for support.

The Verdict:

This is a useful and functional compact appliance that can handle basic microwave cooking needs.